Juliet Ibrahim, Slammed Over Debt By US-Based Musician – Xander 042

Xander expresses how badly he feels about Juliet’s alleged attitude

Celebrity US-based musician, Xander 042, has called out popular Nollywood actress Juliet Ibrahim for not releasing his money for the barbing service he rendered on her younger sister in Houston. It was agreed upon by both parties that Juliet would pay a sum of 50 dollars as the service fee, which was later increased to 100 dollars as a result of the changes made on the hair as opposed to the initial negotiation. However, despite all attempts to get the money by Xander, Juliet has not responded to his request to date.

Xander reported that Juliet met him for his services based on the trust she had in him as a professionally trained celebrity barber. He also agreed to the negotiation based on the existing relationship between Nigeria and Ghana that has lasted for several years. Juliet had asked Xander for a home service delivery at the downtown address of her Ab&b, which was not totally convenient for him. But, due to the trust he had, he agreed to the negotiation and drove for thirty minutes to dye and trim her younger sister’s hair for 50 dollars without extra charges for home service despite the inconvenience of the low seat type and the number of customers he kept on hold. 

According to Xander, “after the hair dye and trimming and dying of the hair that Juliet showed me on google, they both said they liked it. But to my surprise, Juliet’s sister changed her mind and requested a different haircut on google from the previous one, but I objected and asked her to call Juliet, whom I came to work for, to approve it. Rather, she insisted I continued since Juliet was taking her shower. I proceeded on her instruction not to trim the right side of the hair and was asked only to concentrate on the left side, with a stylish lining by the side.”

“The first argument started when she asked me to bring the hair more down, but I was very sincere in telling her that the texture of her hair does not go with the picture shown to me, which the skull was going to be showing, due to Asian hair texture of hers, in comparison to the black woman hair she browsed, at the same time making my work unprofessional to me.  Her continuous argument made me follow her instructions with caution to avoid issues.”

On agreeing to Juliet’s sister’s new Instructions, Xander was asked again to trim and cut the area of the hair he was asked not to touch. This was an entirely discomforting situation for Xander as he left so many customers waiting at his shop to accommodate the excesses of his fellow Africans. He sucked in the negative energy he received throughout the process and packed up his tools to head on to his shop immediately after he was done with the service. He returned to his shop afterward and patiently waited for a few days to hear from Juliet. Days went by, but Xander didn’t receive a call from her; this led him to put a call through to demand his pay as agreed. Instead of the initial agreement, which was 50 dollars, he increased it to 100 dollars due to the alterations in the initial plan. While Juliet’s sister started the conversation in the background stating that Xander should have sent his account details a long time ago, Juliet requested that he send his account details in an aggressive tone and dropped the call on him. 

“To this very moment, Juliet has refused to pay me, and they’ve gone back to Ghana. Where did I go wrong? Is it now a crime to be nice? The money is not the problem, but the manner they played me and took me to be a fool that they have outsmarted me with tricks. What is wrong with appreciation even if you’re broke? At least I’m a human that understands. But neither thank you, nor my money. You should have opened up to me about your predicaments, and I would’ve assisted you, then this fake life of defrauding people indirectly.”

“That money is peanuts to me, but I’m calling you out for people to know your dirty character and take precautions of you having your tricks on them.  But my advice to you is to serve as a role model and not be a disgrace to society because this life is too short to be using your acting fame as a tool of embarrassment to people looking up to you. People have to know that the way you look is not the way you are.”

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