Dellbee – Ain’t Done

December 6, 2023 author 0

“Ain’t Done” explores themes of resilience, success, and the unrelenting pursuit of goals. The artists celebrate their achievements and acknowledge that despite the obstacles faced, […]

Morah – Bakassi

December 5, 2023 author 0

Nigerian Afrobeat sensation, Morah, has released his highly anticipated track titled “Bakassi.” This lively song is an uptempo masterpiece with addictive melodies and catchy rhymes, […]

FlexyChase – Jungle

December 5, 2023 author 0

Nigerian rising star, FlexyChase, just dropped a cool new song called “Jungle” from his upcoming EP. It’s like a musical adventure that makes you feel […]

Lyrik B – Move On

December 4, 2023 author 0

Experience the pulsating beats and enchantingmelodies of ‘Move On,’ an electrifying single that beautifully captures the essence of doubt in a fading romance. Available now […]

Nikki Maria – Overdose

December 4, 2023 author 0

Overdose is a true reflection of the positive lifestyle . It’s a mid tempo song that combines diverse sound elements including heavy synths, brass, baseline, […]