CELEBRITY NEWS: Things To Know About Akarah Ebenezer Ulochukwu (Ceo BTCbarsgroup)


BTCBARS Group is striving for excellence in Nigeria, Africa & beyond and has drawn up ambitious plans to set up world-class projects in sectors such as Real estate, Logistics, Agriculture, Entertainment, finance & a few others. By being part of our company, you’re sowing a seed of profits. Our company is driven by:

We aim to create a stable market with high-quality & reliable services/products. Our main goal is to be a pathway to financial freedom in Africa.
We have a clear desire to compete in the markets and work hard to influence the sectors in which we engage in a constructive & technological way.
We aim to enrich African lives by partnering with world-class organizations & using innovative solutions that will shape the future of our society.

• BTC BARS (Real Estate) – BTCBARS is an online real estate sales & rental marketplace. We offer primary homestays, vacation & lodgment of an elite tourism affair.
• AFRI D Ltd – AFRI D is a courier & logistics company that assists consumers in transporting items from one location to another (we offer both inter-state & intra-state delivery).
• ZL Empire Ltd – ZL Empire houses the entertainment arm of the company with great interests in the Fashion and Music industry. We leverage technological advancements to provide premium services to our audience.
• AFRI Festival Ltd – AFRI stands for African Financial Revolutionary Innovators. We encourage key players who have impacted the financial sector.
• Royal Niger Green Farms – Royal Niger Green is an agricultural investment firm that offers an amazing opportunity for individuals from anywhere in the world to sponsor farms and be involved in agriculture, thereby profiting from sales of farm products.


PROFILE OF OUR CEOMr. Ulochukwu Ebenezer is the Chief Executive Officer and Group Managing Director of Bricks to Cribs & Bars Group of Companies. He is widely known for his impact in the Finance space. He is also the Chief Executive Officer for Royal Niger Green Farms Foundation, a foundation with the sole aim of improving the Agricultural Sector by providing aids aimed at SMEs and people at the grassroots.BIOGRAPHY
Ulochukwu Ebenezer, Born in Olomoro, Isoko , a native of Oyede in Delta state and Ohanso in Abia state. An Innovationist and Entrepreneur, Born in 1996 August 13th.

Ulochukwu Ebenezer is the Chief Executive Officer and Pioneer Founder of BTCBARS GROUP OF COMPANIES with subsidiaries, ZL Empire State is a record label and entertainment company.

Before now, he is the CEO BTCBARs Group of Companies and a Patron, Director at ZL Empire State. Also he is the CEO of Afri Deliveries, He’s widely known for his impact on the Crypto Finance of the Present time. He is also the Founder of the Royal Niger Green Farms Foundation, a foundation that it’s sole aim is in improving the Agricultural structure of the country by providing aids aiming at SMEs and the masses at grassroot levels.

BTCBARs Group is willing to go the extra mile to invest in some of the finest professions (Restaurants owners, delivery officers, back office staff members etc.) His company has a set of plans in place to build and acquire the best and easy to use Mobile App when it comes to setting up a standard and first online food and drinks delivery service.

He has been into Fx and stocks investment since 2010 but re-emerged in 2016 with the increase of value in Cryptocurrency.

A founder of several innovative companies aimed at creating job opportunities and reducing poverty rate in Africa.

Ulochukwu Ebenezer is committed to service to humankind, a strong advocate for the empowerment and advancement of the youth.

He is passionate about helping and empowering youths through innovative business and financial solutions through his numerous empowerment programs carried out with partnering NGOs

He has some awards to his credit, to mention but a few;

Brand of the Year Nigeria Achievers Awards 2018

Delta state Youth Ambassador 2019

Nigeria Achievers Awards BRAND OF THE YEAR 2019

Niger Delta Peace Ambassador 2019 

CONCLUSIONThank you for your time. If you require further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us via social media. Handles are @btcbars_official

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