Chilar – Binu

BINU by Chilar. The street oriented musician who considers music to be the right medicine for people on the street.Life ain’t treating us right…Life has thought us too much lessons…Life has made us to understand that we are nothing but dust…Life has showed us it other side…Too much struggles…Hardships…And corruption’s.We did nothing wrong, we admitted to be educated…We’ve planned to make our tomorrow a brighter one…And yet, some who called them selves GOV officials are out there crumbling our happiness, our tomorrow…Hijacking what is rightfully belong to us as a bona-fide citizens.We are not lazy, they are the lazy people with lousy dreams.Boys they BINU, everyone dey VEX everyday because everybody suppose package at all time.To the ones who are out there in the streets hustling I wish you the best, this song, BINU is dedicated to you all.A new vibe…A trending single…  


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