MUSIC: Kayode Omosa Ft. Tobby – Wuru Wuru No Dey

As a child carries the genes and reflects the same nature of the parents, so are we a reflection of our everlasting father – Christ Jesus; in like manner our song must be a reflection of our identity in Christ. Whatever He has, same we have and whatsoever is not in Him is not found in us and that’s why we are bold to sing “Wuruwuru No Dey” from The Message Gospel platform powered by Dunack Music.
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Lyrics: Wuru Wuru No Dey – Kayode Omosa
When papa God looks at me na wetin e go see
When me sef look at Him na wetin I go see
When me sef look at me
Na wetin I go see
I no see wuruwuru
Wuruwuru no dey
I no se yanmayanma
Yanmayanma no dey
I no see corny corny
Corny corny no dey
I dey see JESUS reigning
Everyday in me
Me and JESUS e
We reflect each other
I no be bastard e
I resemble my papa
Anything wey e get
Na the same me I get
Things we no dey in Him
That rapala into my life
As I dey look at Him
Na so them dey disappear
And as I dey look at Him
Na so so disappear
If you never see this kind things before
Me I go tell you sey na God
Oh Lord you give me shelter (eternal home)
When me no get place to stay
Oh Lord you be my father (everlasting father)
When me no get papa
Me I never see this kind thing before
Papa e
Repeat Chorus and Verse 2:
Tell me what you see
I see Jesus
All my children tell me what you see
I see Jesus
Papa mama tell me what you see
I see Jesus
Everybody tell me what you see
I see Jesus
We are bouncing in the Lord everyday
Bouncing in the Lord
We are shining in the Lord everyday
Shinning in the Lord
We are growing in the Lord everyday
Growing in the Lord
We are reigning in the Lord everyday
Reigning everyday
Jesus plus nothing
Equals to all things
If you add Jesus plus something the answer will be nothing.

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