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Peace Chidindu Walter Oye is a Nigerian supermodel, ex-beauty queen, television personality, Video Vixen and entrepreneur. She is known for exposing the world to Africa as a source for supermodels. Not only is she beautiful, but she’s got the brains as well. She is currently studying from ( medical school yet to graduate as of September 9th 2021.


She quickly rose to supermodel status, after she won the Face of South East 2018. She has won multiple awards which includes African Influential model of the year 2019 and so many others. Peace Walter has featured as cover of M-Galaxy-Magazine a modeling agency in Africa to pay, and many other platforms.


Peace Walter is a Nigerian supermodel also known as “Peace Chidindu Walter Oye” She was born on 29th April, Into the family of Mr and Mrs Walter Oye. She is from Amichi; Nnewi south  Local Government Of Anambra State. She sees the likes of Her Mum, Chimamanda Adichie as her role model. She also started modeling few years back,


Peace Walter is a goal oriented entrepreneur, supermodel & a writer. “my aim of modeling & writing is to inspire the younger generation and my vision in the modeling industry,  is “Daring to be different while using my craft to inspire both the young, the old, seeing through the thin line between the good, the bad and the evil”

I love modeling, it started as a hobby because of my passion for photography at a very young age. I also love writing, I’ve had the opportunity to put out one of my works out there. The title is Sonia. It’s been published in hard copy since 2018. I just love to write up poetic words and life inspiring words that we relate to in our daily living experience.

Nigeria’s supermodel Peace Walter is also a writer, she has written  super amazing nice pieces of Books.

Follow Peace Chidindu Walter on his social media handles. @peacewalter_


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