A GENERATION LOST IN THE CAMERAS BY ELVISEverybody in a movie is a Superman, with a single kick, they break-open every door.Every car in the movie is without keys, anyone can drive them once they gain access to the wheels.The main Actors in the movies are all immortals, they survive all gunshots and accidents no matter how fatal.It is only in the movies that two people making out in a room will leave the door open at one slight push.The idea behind all these is to appease the emotions of the Watchers. so therefore, it is termed Entertainment. Movies and Reality are two different components. We watch movies occasionally buh reality is what we face every minute of our lives.We fail to confront Reality and the Challenges it presents to us on a daily basis, but rather resort to the movies where we can be entertained with fictional tales. So we forget our standing problems. But these challenges or problems, without confrontation, stay as they are rather given fertile grounds. They shoot roots, germinate, grow and bear fruits and in that order, the abnormalities continue. Comedy – another fragment of the entertainment industry is sadly saddled with one irresponsible task – to comically convey our societal problems to comedy. There, we sit side-by-side with the chief instigators of these problems and collectively, laugh about them. At the end, they (the instigators) sit so relaxed in their chambers and conclude; This is a generation of Fools, they don’t know what they want so we must keep dictating for them. They, again, begin another trap. The Music industry is better off, our musicians are on a better side. Most of them take our problems to their lyrics and there is a level of grievance in their tone, especially the Rappers.Unfortunately, this is a generation where the youths want to be entertained at every level and not to be educated.They node their heads and rhythmically move their bodies to every music without listening to the lyrics so as to convey the message to the heart and think of a way forward. Gradually, we are becoming a Failed generation, a generation of weak minds, a generation of people without conscience, a generation of youths without sense of identity, a generation of LAZY YOUTHS, and so on and so forth. The Religious institution on the other hand has formed affiliations with the entertainment industry on the basis of Capital-Gain. They subscribe to messages that can only entertain and appease the emotions of the followers. Every group is concerned with how many people can come to their worship ground so the income level can rise, and not how many people can actually have remorse for their wrong and receive salvation.The end result of their teachings is wrong indoctrination and misappropriation of priorities.From the Christian domain, their teachings portray that one can only be sad, but you don’t have to be angry over anything at all. But an account from the Bible (Our most Holy Book) tells how Jesus (the pioneer of our Faith) disrupted trade activities in a church premises out of anger. Today, our Rev. Fr./Pastors and other clergy title holders trade all things right at the Altar. From prayers to Anointing, to Healing, e.t.c, they trade everything. Their love for flamboyant life supersedes the taste of the work of Christ.With vain hopes, they suck us dry. They spark Fire without an ignition and because of that wrong indoctrination that religion is the solution to all problems, we fail to be angry and act where possible. We fail to confront the daily challenges that stare us in the face but resort to Holly Tents for a wish of a miracle that never comes because faith without work is nothing. This has led to why the youths have lost everything that defines YOUTHFULNESS. We have lost our Voice, we have lost the vigor in our elbows, we have lost that mad face that sends sycophants trembling, e.t.c. So therefore our rightful place in society is lost. Anger stirs up Action but Sadness invites only pity. When you are angry, you think of a solution, but when you are sad, you want people who can console and offer words of solace to you.That is not the Spirit of Youthfulness. A young man says NO with a harsh voice and is ready to exercise the vigor in his elbows. If we must know, the life we live and love now is the result of a struggle from young people just like us who once said NO to wrongs, to abnormalities, to societal ills e.t.s and kept to their word, so therefore, we need to retrace our footsteps and reclaim that rightful place of ours.only and only then shall the society begin to recognize and acknowledge our voices. *A free society is sure if we can act.*It is certain that we can cooperate like people fighting for a just course.*It is sure if we can be angry about the things we see as wrong 

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